About Us

Over 35 years ago, Mountain Cork was the first in the industry to offer a solution for fishing rod and reel protection. Since our inception, Mountain Cork has been synonymous with high quality rod and reel protection. Today, we offer 2 different brands and over 60 models to choose from for fly, spinning, and casting rods and reels.

As passionate fisherman, the employees at Mountain Cork bring a lifetime of fishing experience that enhances the design of every product from fishing rod cases to tackle bags.

What's in a Name?

People often ask about the name (and we even field calls from customers looking for cork products). . . so where did the name Mountain Cork come from? In 1977, Tom Peterson originally founded Mountain Cork by selling fly dressing for fly fishermen. Mountain cork was a little known rock mineral that had a cork-like texture and was so light it floated--the rock that floats! Like mountain cork, or rock cork, Tom's fly dressing recipe made the flies so light that they floated as well, thus the name Mountain Cork. After those first couple of years, Tom changed his product offering to Fishing Rod Cases and other fishing storage and protection products, and Mountain Cork has been the leader in high-quality USA-made rod cases ever since.  

Made in the USA 

At Mountain Cork, quality is a high priority. We make the tightest, highest quality rod cases in the industry and are the only rod case manufacturer that still has a manufacturing facility in the US and we make 100% of our custom sizes in the USA. Over half of our sewers have been with us for over 20 years, and they can sew the rod case sleeves within 1/32 of an inch -- that's why our cases stay so tight on the tube, as opposed to the imported cases that don't quite "hug" the tubes likes our do and have a saggy fit. That leads to increased wear and decreased tube life.

NOTE: We manufacture in the USA and in China. All of our custom size cases are made int he USA, but some of our stock sizes are manufactured in China. 


Our USA manufacturing also gives us the ability to make any size rod tube that you need. We don't stock the 4 main sizes like most rod case companies. . . we can make ANY size you want. That gives us the ability to make the exact case you need as well as do smaller runs of private label rod tubes with your company logo to help build your own brand.